WHat is a style guide?

A style guide is what I use to help clients look their best in photos they'll have for a lifetime. From fashionable dresses, to the Boho Barefoot look I'll help you accomplish it all. Here are my top suggestions on how to look your best for photos.

  • One pop of color. Usually I suggest the lady of the house or the youngest has a bright pop of color. It can be anything from orange to magenta as long as there is only one of that color. for the best photos Family members should match around that color, think very pale versions of the color or neutrals like grey, tan, black, white etc.
  • Men can NEVER go wrong with a nice button down shirt and rolled sleeves. It's a classic look that will never die out. Khaki dress pants and or grey/ black/ dark pants put the outfit all together!
  • Long maxi dresses are a must! The way they flow, the elegance to them, how fun they are dancing in....need I say more?
  • My client closet is here for you! take advantage of it! You don't want to spend an extra $100 on a dress you'll only wear once? Say no more, I have the perfect dress for you, your daughter and even something for your little boys. check out my client closet on the tab above!

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The Boho, Free spirited trend is my ABSOLUTE favorite. It's everything my Hippy soul needs. Vintage lace dresses, straw hats, naked feet, and earth tones are a perfect style to match with. So lets dress you up or even down if you prefer and run through a field of flowers together with this style.

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homebody casual

Long flowing gowns not your thing? That's okay! lets dress you in a comfortable but still oh so stylish way! Jeans, and tees can have so much personality. try to avoid a plain t shirt, instead find a fun print to make your outfit pop! You can also never go wrong with layers either!

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Elegance meets romance.

Love being a bit over the top and some what of a fancy pants? This may be your style then. Think dress pants, and oxford shoes, pearls, and gloss. This style will always make you look stunning.