hey, I'm glad you're here, Im Jessie.

Hey you, Honestly I'm not sure what to write here. Because if you're reading this your just curious or nosey and this is probably the last page on my website that you've looked at. But I like that about you, because I am both nosey and a little too curious. So what's with me? I used to have this long bio about being coffee obsessed and a boho free spirt but really that was me 4 years ago. I was what you call a boss babe go getter but now I just wanna sit in my garden, play with my 3 beautiful baby boys and photograph real people in their real life moments. If that sounds like your type of vibe, than lets be friends. If my bio didn't scare you away than lets definitely be friends. See you soon.


Jessie G.

Photo credit : Ashley Brownstein (cover)- Edited by Jessie Garcia.

Lily and rae Photography- Edited by Jessie Garcia. (Main)

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Maddy & Steen

“Best photos I have ever had taken! I highly recommend her talent and expertise ! She really has an eye for what will look best!! I couldn’t imagine going with any other photographer . If you don’t go with her you’re really choosing the lesser option in my opinion !!!”

01 / 04