Ready to deep dive into photography?

Learn from a professional!

Do you have a really nice camera just colleting dust in the closet because it seems overwhelming to learn? Or have you received one as a gift from your partner to capture life's moments? Or are you ready to make your passion a full time business? I can help with all of those! Mentorship packages are great for the entrepreneur you are at heart. lets learn manual, composition and how to make your passion successful!

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Hi, im new here

Mentorships for new photographers.

-Get to know your camera

learn the basics of manual mode, Camera RAW, ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture, etc.

-Welcome to Adobe Lightroom.

Learn how to edit your photos in Lightroom and find the editing style that fits you.

Lets learn Golden hour and lighting!

Photography is all about light! Learn how to shoot a session and capture those golden rays. You get to see how a session is run and will have your first official one in your portfolio!


This course is 5 days long, one hour per day.

-Getting to know your camera


-Welcome to Lightroom


-Styled shoot


I got this....Sorta.

mentorships for photographers who sorta, kinda, maybe got this.

-Lets Learn Photoshop!

Don't let those weird tools scare you. Switching out a fussy toddlers head with a happy one is easy to do! Learn the basics of photoshop with me!

-Consistency is key

Lets dive into Lightroom and learn how to keep our editing consistent. We will also go how consistency attracts clientele and how to keep your portfolio uniformed.


Lets jump into prompts and poses. We will also go into "Lifestyle" Photography and how to make your sessions feel more candid, and how to better engage with your clients.


This course is 5 days long, one hour per day.

-Lets Learn Photoshop


-consistency is key


-Say cheese


I know what im doing buuutttt I wanna know more.

Here's to going full pro, but wanting a little more help along the way

-Cover that ass!

yes you, make sure your booty is covered by learning how to create contracts, questionnaires and invoices. We will go over how to professionally tell people no and how to make sure your client is the right fit for you.

-We all know color theory right! Right??

Learn how to mix and match the best outfits on your clients so your photos really POP. we will go over dressing to the location so we don't blend in but stand out! Learn how to make a style guide and style your clients to fit your feed!

-Put the style in lifestyle

lets find your niche and turn into a specialty. Plan a styled shoot and style your clients! lets capture the session you have your heart on and take your styling to the ultimate test.


This course is 5 days long, one hour per day.

-Cover that butt


-Color Theory


-Styled shoot


Book all 3 packages and recieve $200 off.

A free Branding shoot will be given after the completion of all 3 packages! Contact me at to get your mentorships booked today!



“Sarah Completed her 3 week course with flying colors and is now successfully running her photography business out in Napa, California.When she first arrived to me here photos looked like this.
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